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Karagöl Tour Every Day During the Season

Muratlı Dam, Zipline, Arhavi Double Bridge, Mençuna Waterfall, Borçka Karagöl

We start our tour in front of our agency at 09:00 in the morning.

From the Black Sea coastal road towards Arhavi district, we take our first break at the Kemer Bridge and the Double Bridge next to each other. After our break, we are on our way to Mençuna Waterfall. Mençuna Waterfall, the water flowing from the heart of the Black Sea, has been flowing like a fountain feeding the green paradise of the Black Sea for centuries. A little walk to discover this beauty will do us all good :) At the end of the walk, we seem to hear you say "Wow!". We continue on our way to Karagöl to cool off after our tiredness. Natural Wonder Borçka Karagöl Nature Park is located within the borders of Borçka district of Artvin province, with its magnificent nature, rich flora, lush green texture is perhaps one of Turkey's most beautiful untouched natural beauty. After the free time given after reaching Karagöl, we move to Muratlı Dam. 

Dear travel lovers, we love to explore the most extreme lands with you. Very beautiful landscapes await you on the way. Built in 2005, Karşı village, which is under the waters of the Muratlı Dam, gives you the feeling that you are in Halfeti for a moment. The minaret of the Karşı village mosque and the chimney of the tea factory appear in the middle of the dam lake. The 700-household Karşı village is visited and photographed by hundreds of local and foreign tourists. It is possible to take a trip on the boats on the shore of the lake. It is time for us to leave this road view behind and return to Rize. Hope to see you again on another tour, another time.

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